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Sue and Robert
Sue and Robert earned a good living, making almost $80,000 per year. But they weren’t watching what they were spending. In addition, they were having relationship problems that they would try to solve by buying new things or taking extravagant vacations. When they sat down and totaled up their debt, they were overwhelmed to find out they owed over $103,000. Just making the minimum payments of $3,413 was eating up over 50% of their take-home pay.
Sue and Robert came to Family Foundations. Their counselor developed a budget with them and enrolled them in the Debt Management Program. Their monthly payment dropped to $2,186 with a total debt payoff in less than 5 years.
They also went to Marriage Counseling with Family Foundations. Their therapist helped them find ways to improve their relationship without resorting to debt.
Today, they are almost halfway through their Debt Management Program. Sue and Robert report that their relationship is better than ever and they are thrilled with their progress in getting rid of their debt.
Denise is a divorced mother with 2 children. She relied on credit cards to make up the difference when child support wasn’t paid on time. Before she knew it, she was almost $15,000 in debt – a sizeable amount considering her income is $25,000. She was diligently making the minimum payments every month, but knew she had to find a better solution.
Denise came to Family Foundations. Her counselor worked with her on a budget and enrolled her in the Debt Management Program. Her interest rates decreased from 11.25% all the way down to 6% and her monthly payment went down from $445 to $328.
She has been on the Debt Management Program for just over one year. She tells us that with her reduced payments, she has been able to set money aside in case her child care is ever late. She knows that she will be debt-free in less than 2 more years.
Angela is a young, single woman who wasn’t managing her monthly budget. When she totaled up her debt for the first time, she found she had almost $10,000. She decided she needed to make a change.
Angela came to Family Foundations. After meeting with her counselor and enrolling in the Debt Management plan, she decided she wanted to be even more aggressive in paying down her debt. She took the budget she had developed with her counselor and made more spending cuts. She took those extra dollars and applied them to her debt.
To our delight, Angela was able to pay off her debt in less than 3 years. She completed the Debt Management Program in October, 2010 and credits her success to good money management habits and support from Family Foundations.
If you are overwhelmed with debt or just don’t know where to turn, help is available. Call Family Foundations for an appointment today.

About Family Foundations

Family Foundations is the premier financial, family counseling and education organization in Northeast Florida.

We have helped over 120,000 families in the last 50 years take control of their financial future, buy a first home, save their marriage, cope with a troubled child or pay off debts and restore their credit.

The answers start with a solid foundation.

We are a United Way agency and are supported by numerous foundations, corporations and individuals throughout our community.